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£45 To Fly To America By 2017!

Posted on : 01-11-2015 2:53

Flights To America Could Cost Just £45 By 2017

Norwegian AirThere have been a lot of promises over cheap flights to America in recent years; one of those promises came from Ryanair.

However, it seems one company really means it, and people from Europe could fly to America for just £45.

Norwegian Air CEO

The Norwegian Air CEO Bjørn Kjos has said he hopes to offer real cheap flights from Europe to the US by using airports in America that have little or no international fees. Those airports include New York’s Westchester County Airport.

People looking to fly to America on a cheap flight could be doing so from Edinburgh Airport as early as 2017. The airline will be offering direct flights, but the only downside is the airports will be small and passengers will require to travel further to get to their end destination.

Other Airlines

A number of airlines are looking into following Norwegian Air and providing cheap flights using smaller airport in America, but this has caused some concern.

For the flights to go ahead, the small airports would need to spend money on extra security and would require customs stations.

One thing is for sure, if the plans do go ahead, and the flights are going to be priced at just £45, it would mean airlines like British Airways will have a serious problem filling their seats on American flights.
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