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Adventure Holidays Are On The Increase

Posted on : 11-06-2015 2:04

Adventure Holidays

Adventure Holidays

A new survey has found that more people in the UK prefer to go on an adventure holiday than sit on the beach or by the pool sunbathing.

Report Findings

The report found a 65% increase in fours years in the number of people booking an adventure holiday where they can go hiking, canoeing and mountain biking. It shows that holidaymakers want more from their holiday than just sitting at the bar or by the pool getting a suntan, which is good news for adventure holiday companies.

Adventure Holiday Destinations

The favourite countries for adventure holidays have been listed as Austria, Botswana and Cuba, where adventure holiday fans felt they got the best thrill for the best price. Adventure holidays have become big business, with the US and Europe raking in $263bn from these types of holidays. For that reason, more countries are now launching a dedicated tourism team to promote adventure holidays, which includes Turkey, Spain, and the US.

Spain As An Adventure Holiday Destination

Spain has seen an increase in the number of companies offering adventure days out and holidays. Although places in Spain such as the Costa del Sol has attracted more adventure junkies, it seems places like Cuba and Botswana are more appealing.

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