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Advice For Holidays In Greece

Posted on : 01-07-2015 12:17

Greek Holidays

Holiday In Greece Advice – Your Questions Answered

It is no secret that Greece is in financial trouble, which has left people who have booked a holiday to Greece worried.

On our blog, we have given lots of advice for people who are going to Greece for a holiday or for business and today we have updated that information and answered popular questions that we have been asked.

Q1: Should I be worried about my Greek Holiday?

The answer to that question is no. If you have a holiday booked in Greece and it is an All-Inclusive holiday, then you have nothing to worry about. Most holidays are already paid for my travel companies, so there is nothing to worry about.

Q2: Should I cancel my holiday in Greece?

A lot of people have become worried about their holiday in Greece and according to reports a lot of people have tried to cancel their holiday. If you feel less confident about going to Greece because of the financial problems, then it is your choice to cancel. However, the travel agent will not give you a full or a partial refund.

Q3: Will my travel agent give me a refund if I wish to cancel my holiday in Greece?

Your travel agent does not have to offer you a refund. It is down to the travel agent and what measures they have put in place, but at the present moment we have had no reports of any travel agent issuing a refund. You can depending on the date of your departure ask for a new holiday destination if you have booked a package holiday. However, this will result in an administration charge per person to move the holiday.

Q4: Will my credit cards and debit cars work in Greece?

We have been advising people for a few months now to take extra cash. Due to the financial problems becoming more serious in Greece, it could become a huge problem for people carrying debit and credit cards. Already there are reports that cash machines have run out of cash. That means people with credit and debit cards will have no access to their money while in Greece.

Q5: Will shops and restaurants accept my credit and debit card as payment?

There are already reports that some shops and other businesses are no longer accepting credit and debit cards. The reason is due to the banks running out of money. So for that reason, more and more outlets in Greece are now only accepting cash.

Q6: Should I take more cash with me to Greece?

We have been warning people on our blog and through press releases that it is important to take extra cash. A lot of people take some cash and take their debit and credit cars to Greece, but due to the financial problems it is important to take more money than normal.

Q7: Is Cyprus affected by the financial problems in Greece?

Two years ago Cyprus received a bailout but it is still advised to take extra money, as the cash machines may not work. That means if you rely on cash machines for holiday money then you will have little spending money while on holiday.

Q8: Why is it important to take extra money on holiday to Greece?

As mentioned, due to the cash machines running out of money and some businesses not accepting payment through a debit or credit card, it is important for holidaymakers to have the extra money with them. They need this money to pay for products and services.
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