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Airline Check In Staff Questions

Posted on : 02-09-2015 5:09

Questions Check-in Staff Ask You At The Airport

Airline Check InHas anyone ever noticed when you go to a check-in desk they make you lie. It’s true, It doesn’t matter who you are, they would even make the Pope lie.

I understand they have to do things and ask questions for security reasons, but come on, the questions they are asking need to be changed because some of them are stupid, and others just make you lie.

You go to the check-in desk, and they ask you did you pack the suitcase yourself.

You really want to say no; my chauffeur has just driven me to the airport, and my butler did all my packing and that’s why I’m flying with Ryanair! When really in most cases the wife packed it, but you have to lie and say yes I did.

Are these your bags?

You’re stood there with them right in front of you on a trolley! Again, you always answer yes when you’d really like to say No, they’re not mine, I’m just charging everyone in the queue a quid to check them in for them!

Has anyone asked you to put something in your bag for them?

Well, this has got to be the most stupid question of them all. Do they expect a criminal who has put something in their bag to put their hands up and say, ok, I can’t stand the pressure anymore, I was given a few hundred quid to put something in there? Please take it out as I feel so guilty and just want to go on holiday to Benidorm.

Have you left your suitcases unattended since packing them?

You want to say don’t worry, I’ve stayed up all night at home watching them, making sure no one goes near them, but again you lie and say no.


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