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Airlines & Overweight Passengers

Posted on : 09-09-2015 10:52

Should Overweight People Pay More For Their Flight?

Airlines and Overweight PassengersDue to the world obesity problem there have been lots of articles in the media on how a person’s health is at risk when they are overweight. But now, it seems airlines have become concerned about the problem.

Previous Stories

In the past 12 months, there have been stories where people have claimed they were offered money to get off the plane due to the aircraft being overweight.

In the articles, it was claimed flight crew were only asking people who were overweight. Now, although the airlines involved have denied this, passengers on board those flights said it did happen.

But one thing the airlines will admit to is overweight people are causing them a problem including more fuel needed for the flight.

Some airlines have said overweight passengers are costing them more money in fuel and should pay more for their flight ticket, but are they right?

Uzbekistan Airways

One airline, Uzbekistan Airways has decided they will weigh all passengers with their luggage to see how much weight the aircraft will be carrying. Although the airline is not going to charge people more who are overweight or have too much luggage, they have said if a flight is full then people could be forced to wait for the next flight.

Many aviation experts believe Uzbekistan Airways new procedure is going to be the norm for other airlines. They feel due to the rising prices of fuel airlines will have to try and claim that money back.

An Emotive Subject

Although some aviation experts believe increasing prices for people who are overweight is right, how will it affect people who have a problem with their weight? What airlines do not understand, a lot of people who are overweight do not have a choice due to medical conditions, so are airlines going to pick on those people.

We would like to know if you agree that airlines should charge people more who are overweight or do you think it is wrong?
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We think this is a really difficult subject and we’re sure this article will have some people saying, “Yeah, of course overweight people should pay more” and others making the point that we all buy a plane ticket as an individual plus the airlines know people are all different shapes and sizes and their weight calculations will take this into account.

We have heard some stories from people who have been on a flight and had to site next to an extremely overweight person which caused some issues, however, that’s probably not what this article is about.

Basically, there are lots of issues and there are lots of overweight people out there who would feel victimised, which is absolutely not fair on them. We think there must be a better way of addressing the issue as apposed to simply charging more for people who are overweight, it would cause so many problems, animosity and embarrassment.

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