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Airport Car Parks Security

Posted on : 13-08-2015 10:10

Park Your Car At An Airport Car Park For Added Security

Airport Car Park Security
A lot of people ask why they should park their car at an airport car park. There are many obvious reasons, which include it is cheaper to park a car at the airport than using a taxi. Another good reason is it more convenient than waiting for a taxi. But there is another good reason why people should use an airport car park, and that is down to security.

Leaving Your Car at Home Whilst on Holiday

When people leave their car at home while traveling abroad, they run the risk of having that car broken into or stolen. In 2014, there were over 90,000 reported incidents where cars were stolen. A large number of these cars were stolen while the owner was away on holiday, and that is why security experts advise people to use airport car parks when going on holiday.

 Airport Car Park Security

An airport car park provides the owner with the peace of mind that their car will be safe while sunning themselves abroad. The last thing a person wants is to arrive back from holiday and find a letter from the police giving them the bad news that their car has been stolen while they were on holiday.

According to a report, the top ten cars that were stolen in 2014 were:

1) BMW X5

2) Mercedes C-class

3) Range Rover Sport

4) Mercedes E-class

5) Land Rover Discovery

6) BMW M3

7) Range Rover

8) Audi RS4

9) Mercedes ML

10) Mercedes C63

Dangers of Using Social Media on Holiday

Having a car stolen at any time can be a traumatic experience, but now it can also be a serious financial problem if the insurance company refuses to pay out. We all known that insurance companies like to pay out as little as possible if they can, and they also like to find ways of not paying people out at all. Unfortunately, there is a new way that an insurance company can refuse to pay out on a claim, and that is down to social media.

If an insurance company is made aware the owner of the vehicle has used social media to tell people they are going abroad or are using social media while abroad, then they can refuse to pay out. The insurance company explains in their terms and conditions it is down to the car owner to make sure the car is secured at all times. However, by using social media they could argue that you have advertised to criminals that the car is there for the taking.
Airport Parking from UKACP

UK Airport Car Parks

To avoid the shock of having your car stolen while on holiday, and to save money, use an airport parking facility.

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