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Alicante Airport Security Issues

Posted on : 17-11-2015 4:40

Alicante Airport Putting Holidaymakers At Risk

Alicante AirportAt a time when the world is unsettled, and terrorists are targeting holidaymakers you would have thought all airports would be on full alert, especially after what happened in Egypt, Turkey and Paris.

However, it seems Alicante airport are very relaxed about security, which is very shocking.

Alicante Airport Security Incident

The other week I arrived at Alicante Airport on a Thomson flight. Now normally when I go to border control it’s not that busy but this time it was mayhem.

With the amount of people heading towards border control, there must have been three or more flights that had landed around the same time.

When I saw the amount of people as I got closer, I thought I would be in a queue for at least half an hour. I have no problem waiting in line with other people for long periods of time, the job the border control do is important and keep people safe by making sure no unsavoury characters enter the country.

However, Alicante Airport and I have a different definition of what border control should and should not be doing.

Passport Control

The queue for passport control was going down very quickly, which surprised me. There were three lines of people waiting for their passports to be checked.

Two of the lines were manned by two women who were checking the passports properly. However, there was one line where a man who was stood up was not interesting in checking passports and just waved everyone through.

I heard people say to him don’t you want to check my passport, while other people said we could be anyone, but he simply smiled.

Travellers Comment on Alicante Airport Security

The next day while in Benidorm I heard people complain about passport control at the airport. One woman explained when she arrived at the airport there were no officials to check her passport and she just walked straight through.

Another person said it was rare for passport control to be manned and I have to agree. I have been to Alicante airport a number of times and the majority of the time my passport never has not been checked properly.

The lack of interest in security from the people in charge at Alicante Airport is very worrying. Not only are they putting the lives of holidaymakers at risk in a troubling time, but they are also putting the lives of people who live there at risk.

This type of shocking behaviour is unacceptable, and an investigation needs to take place.

Have you been to Alicante Airport and not had your passport checked, let me know now on our official Facebook page.
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