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An Important Tip From UK Airport Car Parks.

Posted on : 21-01-2011 7:45


Select Correct Terminal at the AirportMake Sure You Know Which Terminal You’re Flying From!


Sometimes, not very often, but sometimes (not from our website though) we’ve heard of occasions when a holidaymaker has booked their airport parking only to find out that the car park they are parking in does not serve the terminal they are flying from.

Imagine booking your airport parking then arriving at the airport only to find out that the transfer bus doesn’t actually go to your terminal, Panic!!

Some airport parking websites are very good at displaying which terminals are served by which car parks and some even require you to enter the terminal you’re flying from when booking online. However some do not display this very important information and even if they do some tend to not highlight it enough so it’s easily overlooked.

Here at UK Airport Car Parks we’ve made it very simple to know which car park serves which terminal. After you’ve entered your car parking dates and hit “Compare Prices” we return the availabilty which clearly shows in red which terminals are served by each car park.

So remember, take a little time to make sure you’ve booked the right car park for you, especially if you’re booking Heathrow airport parking simply because of the number of terminals it has.

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