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Avoid Pickpockets With An Elastic Band

Posted on : 22-01-2016 9:48

An Elastic Band Could Help You Avoid Benidorm Pickpockets.

Each year over 5 million people from the UK visit Benidorm. However, that number is set to fall due to the high rise in crime, which includes pickpockets.

When you go on holiday to Benidorm you go to relax, you do not expect to have to worry every minute of everyday that you could become a target by the local pickpocket gang.

But in reality, that is what is happening. People are being put off from going to Benidorm due to all the precautions they have to take to avoid having all of their money stolen.

Local Petition

There was recently a march that took place involving residents and business people living and working in Benidorm, demanding action be taken by the Mayor and the police to combat the rise in pickpocket crime.

However, even though a petition was handed to the Mayor and all the national and international press covered the increase in crime problem, no action was taken. So we decided to bring you some advice on how you can avoid becoming a victim.

How Pickpockets Work

Pickpockets often work in pairs in Benidorm, one will try and cause a distraction while the other will then put their hand in your pocket to grab your wallet, and before you know it, your wallet and money has been stolen.

These people are very skilled at what they do, so it’s important to act with caution if you see people becoming over-friendly or getting to close to you.

Pickpockets use the art of smoothly taking your wallet from your trouser pocket without you feeling it. If you did feel your wallet moving, then you would be alerted straightaway and take immediate action.

The last thing a pickpocket wants is to cause a confrontation and make themselves known to other potential victims.

Preventing Pickpockets

One way to make it harder for a pickpocket to target you is by using an elastic band. Now there are two methods to using an elastic band.

Method 1

By putting a thick elastic band around the wallet, it will prevent a pickpocket from being able to smoothly remove it from your trouser pocket without you feeling it.

The elastic band would rub against your trouser pocket and keep on getting stuck, which would alert you to someone trying to take your wallet.

Method 2

The other method of using an elastic band is by using a safety pin. You connect the safety pin to the inside of your trouser and connect it to an elastic band, which would be connected to the wallet.

When a pickpocket tries to take your wallet, it would still be on the elastic band, making it much harder for them to run away with it. Through this method, you would notice straight away that someone was trying to take your wallet.

Although holidaymakers visiting Benidorm should not have to worry about pickpockets, and should be able to have a great time with no worries, due to the high level of crime, precautions have to be taken. By using these two methods, it could help you avoid becoming a victim to a Benidorm pickpocket.
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