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Battery Saver App Ideal For Holidaymakers

Posted on : 08-10-2015 6:00

Ultimate Battery Saver HD APP Puts Holidaymakers Straight Over Mobile Battery Life Myths

Ultimate Battery Saver HDWhen going on holiday, the last thing a person wants is for their mobile phone to die of a sudden death.

That is why many people are very careful the way they charge their phones and why mobile phone companies are raking in the money through people buying extra branded battery chargers.

Advice & Warnings

Mobile phone companies are always offering advice over mobile phone batteries, which include the warning don’t use a non-branded battery charger otherwise it would damage the phone and battery.

When people read that they get alarmed. Instead of going out and buying cheaper battery chargers for their holiday, they buy the more expensive branded ones.

Ultimate Battery Saver HD

But is that information true or is it a myth. UK Airport Car Parks decided to talk to the people behind a new app called Ultimate Battery Saver HD, which helps people increase their mobile phone battery life and find out the myths going around about charging a mobile phone.

1 – Non-branded battery chargers will damage your battery

Mobile phone companies like you to buy their products, and that is why they advise people not to use any other type of battery charger than their own. However, the information that a non-branded battery charger can damage a phone or reduce the battery power is just a myth.

If you are looking to take a spare battery charger on holiday, then there is no reason to buy a non-branded one that is much cheaper.

2: Charging your phone overnight at the hotel will damage your battery

For some reason, there is a lot of talk out there about if you charge your phone overnight in a hotel it could damage the battery. These people claim the battery could be damaged through overcharging, but there is not truth in that.

Those stories could be coming from the same people who advise you to put your brand new Apple iPhone in the microwave for a quicker charge.

Modern mobile phones have the knowledge to know how much power the battery needs and when to stop charging.

3: Don’t use your phone while it charges to phone home

This myth is just silly. It is claimed that by using your phone while it is charging it will reduce the battery power. That is false information. There is no reason not to use your mobile phone while at the hotel to call people back at home while it is on charge.

4: Using the Internet while in the hotel using the free Wi-Fi zones will quickly drain the battery

It is not often you get a hotel that offers you free Wi-Fi, especially in Spain. Normally you are charged twenty euro’s a week. But if you do use the free Wi-Fi service or buy the Wi-Fi service, do not believe the stories it will quickly drain your battery.

The fastest way to drain a battery is to play games, and that is because of the graphics. The big graphics can drain the power of a battery, so if it is raining while on holiday and you want to play games, then play them when the battery is plugged into a charger.

If you want to learn how to increase the battery life of your phone, then have a look at the Ultimate Battery Saver HD app available on
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