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Benidorm Crime Rate On The Increase

Posted on : 10-12-2015 4:15

Is Benidorm A Safe Place To Take A Holiday?

Benidorm, SpainThe crime in Benidorm has increased over the years; more UK holidaymakers are reporting they have been mugged, pickpocketed, or even the subject of a violent attack.

However, it seems nothing is being done to make Benidorm a safer place.

Pea Men

You cannot walk around Benidorm without seeing the Pea men outside Hotels; the old market or near the beach trying to get people to watch them with their magic.

However, the real magic is not in front of you; the magic is behind of you when their accomplices, normally young men and girls pickpocket you without you knowing about it. It’s only until you walk down the street that you find out your money has gone.

Online Videos

There are lots of videos on the Internet showing the girls and men’s faces that do the pickpocketing, there are also lots of videos showing the crimes taking place, but it seems Benidorm is different than the UK.

In the UK you would get arrested for such a crime, in Benidorm it seems the police just drive past.

Locals Fed Up

Residents and business owners have got fed up with the pea men in Benidorm and the increased crime and have protested to the Mayor, Toni Perez to do something about it.

On the 23rd November, a peaceful march was organized by Karen Maling Cowles, a resident to get the Mayor to take action. That march was reported in the UK and Spanish press, and even with all that exposure and the hard work put into the campaign; the Mayor of Benidorm has not taken any action.

Benidorm Mayor

It seems Toni Perez has no interest in making Benidorm a safer place, even after the march; there is no sign of any action being taken place. That has resulted in regular visitors to Benidorm turning their backs on the Costa Blanca and heading to another Spanish holiday destination

Holidaymakers Not Returning

A woman called Susan Mulsher from Nottingham who has been going to Benidorm for some years said: “I last went to Benidorm in April of this year but even though I have been going with my family and friends for ten years, I will not be returning. I do not feel safe in Benidorm any longer.”

Susan is not the only regular visitor who will not be returning. We spoke to a 58 year-old-lady from Manchester, who did not want to be named. She explained she had been going to Benidorm for over 20 years and had always felt safe. That was until she was a victim herself.

She admitted that she would get annoyed when people would turn to a popular travel forum and post about the crime problem in Benidorm.

The once regular visitor said she was one of those people that would reply and say she has never witnessed any crime, and Benidorm was safe. But she changed her mind when this year she was a victim and had over half of her holiday money stolen.

UKACP Comments

With the rising complaints and the daily reports of crime in Benidorm, the once popular holiday destination is certainly not as safe as it use to be.

It also seems the Mayor will only take action when he has been a victim of a crime or when hotels have to close down due to the lack of holidaymakers.

We would like to know if you feel safe in Benidorm, or if you have been a victim of crime. Please share your opinions on our official Facebook page.
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