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Benidorm High Crime Rate

Posted on : 24-09-2015 11:38

Is The High Crime Rate In Benidorm Putting You Off Booking A Holiday In The Popular Resort?

Benidorm Crime RateBenidorm has always been one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain.

With just a few hours on the plane, the great weather and with so many things to do for the whole family, it has for many years been a number one choice.

However, that is fast changing with the continued problems of pickpockets, muggings and prostitutes looking for business on the high street.

Local Businesses

Local bars and businesses have for a number of years complained about the rising crime rate of pickpockets. Some have claimed it is not only damaging the reputation of Benidorm but also reducing their profits.

According to some bar owners, the police know whom the pickpockets and muggers are but fail to do anything about it. They also claim that the muggers target senior citizens and people who are drunk and cannot defend themselves. Whereas, the pickpockets are cleverer and before people know it, their wallets are gone.

One local bar owner who did not wish to be named said: “The pickpockets are causing a huge problem in Benidorm. The Mayor of Benidorm claimed he would sort out the problem after it was reported in the media in the UK, but no real action has been taken.”

Ignoring the Pickpocketing Problem

The feeling in Benidorm is people are trying to brush the problem under the carpet. Travel agents are trying to ignore the problem, and Trip Advisor will not allow people to talk about muggings on their forum, due to it painting a bad picture of the resort. However, the problem is there, and nothing is being done about it.

Mark Williams from Chester said: “I have been going to Benidorm for a number of years, but I stopped going last year due to the problem of pickpockets. When I was last in Benidorm, I heard about six different people in our hotel that had their wallets and bags stolen. It put me right off.”

Other Crime Issues

Another major problem besides the muggings and the pickpockets is prostitution. On the main entertainment strip, there are a number of prostitutes who try and gain business, and even approach men who are with their families. This is another problem that has got local business owners worried.

Some UK business owners believe if the problem is not sorted out, then Benidorm could become a resort just for stag and hen parties and families will go to other parts of Spain.

Lack of Action

Mark Williams, who has been going to Benidorm for over ten years, is just one person who has turned his back on the popular resort.

There are many more people like him, which brings the question, why is the Mayor of Benidorm doing nothing to save the reputation of the popular holiday resort. Also, why are the police ignoring the problem and why are so many people trying to deny the problem is there?

Can Benidorm’s Crime Really Be Compared to England’s?

Many people claim this problem happens in England, but is that an excuse and does it really happen in England? Can you name a place where you can go on holiday for a week in England and worry about being mugged or having your money stolen by a pickpocket?

And, is there a holiday resort in the UK where prostitutes come up to you for business when you are with your families, I do not think so.

Have Your Say

I would like your views on Benidorm, and what needs to be done to get rid of this problem and turn it back into a family holiday destination. I would also like to know, has the crime problem in Benidorm put you off and have you been subjected to a crime in Benidorm. Let us know on our official Facebook page or our Google+ page.

Please Note – Very Important

Having been to Benidorm quite a few times it has to be said that this resort offers so much for many different types of holidaymakers and the vast majority of them have a great time without any issues.

The resort is extremely popular for many different reasons and this is a testament to Benidorm. However, there does seem to be an increase in reported crime from UK holidaymakers purely based on the number of articles we’ve seen and the various news reports.

So for this reason alone we cannot ignore the issue so please have your say.

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