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Benidorm Red Lion Bouncer Problems

Posted on : 19-10-2015 11:31

Benidorm Holidaymakers Calling For The Red Lion To Be Held Accountable

Red Lion Pub BenidormIn recent months, there has been an increase in the number of reports of bouncers using heavy-handed tactics and violence on British holidaymakers. According to the reports, most of the trouble takes place at the Red Lion pub in the centre of Benidorm.

Holidaymakers Speak Out

Holidaymakers have come forward and claimed they were attacked at the Red Lion while others have posted on forums and Facebook pages to say they witnessed the attacks. Although there have been many reports over the problem, it seems no action is being taken.

Facebook Page Set Up

In the past week, a Facebook page was set up to highlight the problem and within that week over one million people viewed the page with many saying they witnessed attacks and some saying they were victims. Although it’s an open secret, action is not being taken.

Red Lion Facebook Page

The Red Lion official Facebook page has seen a big increase in traffic, unfortunately for them that traffic is from people asking why their bouncers are using violence on people.

Hundreds of people have been posting on the Facebook page calling for the management to take action. However, the only action they have taken is to post a reply trying to shift the blame.

They do however clearly state that they would remove any member of staff using excessive force.

Red Lion Comments

They said: “We employ 2 door staff which are linked by radio to every other venue on the street, any trouble is attended to by ALL door staff from other venues and any excessive behaviour from them we are unable to regulate.

We do not condone mindless violence by any means and any of OUR staff that are responsible have or will be removed from employment at our venue, unfortunately we cannot control other venues and the staff they employ”

Action Needed

The Red Lion Facebook page now seems to be deleting the messages about the truth and have stopped people from posting messages.

To combat this, we have set up a post on our Facebook page to allow people to inform others about what is happening.

We would like to see the Red Lion in Benidorm admit to the problems and take action before somebody dies.

A lot of holidaymakers who have reported their family and friends have been rushed to hospital after being assaulted at the pub have said it could be sooner rather than later for a death to occur.


We would like to make it clear that although there does seem to be some serious problems with some bouncers in Benidorm most of these doormen will be totally responsible and will always have customer safety in mind.

It also needs to be said that they work in a very challenging environment given the nature of a lot of the clients they come into contact with.

The Red Lion pub could in our opinion take a much harder stance with this problem, however, if as they said, doormen from other venues are sometimes called to their premises then this makes it very hard for them to police the situation and individuals.

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