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Benidorm Weather In Detail

Posted on : 08-11-2015 1:21

Benidorm Weather – Everything You Need To Know

Benidorm WeatherAfter doing quite a few blog posts about Benidorm we thought it might be a good idea to give you a few details about the yearly weather.

We’re sure most of you will already have a pretty good idea… but here goes anyway.

Benidorm weather in general

Benidorm is one of the most popular places for UK holidaymakers to visit with everything that it has to offer.

With just being a short hop on the plane, holidaymakers can be in the sunny climate of Benidorm in a matter of hours.

Although Benidorm receives 325 days of sunshine each year, one of the biggest questions people ask about the popular holiday destination is, what is the weather like in Benidorm.

It is understandable people want to know about the Benidorm weather as you do not want to travel to a holiday destination when it is raining.

So, we have decided to give you information about Benidorm weather as well as providing a weather forecast gadget that shows you what the current weather is in Benidorm and over the next couple of days.

Benidorm, as mentioned, offers 325 days of sunshine per year, allowing holidaymakers to expect the sunshine most of the year. It has a sunny Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers.

The winters are not like those in the UK, but they are mild compared to other times of the year.

Summer weather in Benidorm

During the summer in Benidorm from May till October, the average temperature goes from an average of 20°C in May to 30°C in August. From September, the weather starts to get cooler and by October the weather goes back to around 20°C.

July is normally the sunniest month of the year with an average of eleven hours of sunshine per day while October is the wettest month of the year.

However, October in Benidorm is not like an October in the UK and is still a great time to visit the popular holiday destination.

Autumn weather in Benidorm

November is a popular time of year to grab a bargain holiday in Benidorm. With children back at school, it gives people a chance to grab themselves a bargain. Benidorm weather in November starts off warm in the low 20s and moves to around 18°C at the end of the month.

The daytime is still very nice but you may expect a little rain now and again, but the evening weather in Benidorm can be a bit chilly, so it is best to put something warm on.

Winter weather in Benidorm

A lot of people like to know about the Benidorm December weather, as people like to go away just before Christmas or to spend their Christmas abroad with family and friends. You can expect the average weather to be around 13°C, but it can be unpredictable.

The evening weather in Benidorm during December can be very chilly, so just like November it is wise to wear something warm.

January Temperature in Benidorm can be around 12°C with seven hours of sunshine.

Spring weather in Benidorm

If you are looking to find out what the weather is like in March in Benidorm, then the answer is the weather starts creeping up in temperature and can be a great bargain time for a break.

You can expect the weather in Benidorm to be around 18°C in March where it rises to around 19°C in April.
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So, for people asking what’s the weather like in Benidorm I hope all your questions have been answered.

Basically, Benidorm is a great place to visit all-year round and that is why many people in their mature years like to go during winter and stay for a few months.

Just don’t forget to save a few quid with us by comparing and pre booking your airport car parking.