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British Police To Patrol Streets Of Benidorm

Posted on : 14-03-2016 3:14

UK Tax Payers May Not Be Happy At The Prospect Of British Police Patrolling Benidorm.

With the savage cuts to the police forces in England and Wales with many police chiefs saying their forces are at breaking point, it came as quite a shock when in 2015 British police started patrolling the streets of Magaluf.

Two West Midlands Police officers, Sgt Brett Williams, and Pc Martina Anderson flew to Majorca to work alongside the Guardia Civil for two weeks to try and bring law and order to the streets of Magaluf, and now, this summer could see the same happening in Benidorm.

We assume that the Spanish government would be paying for the use of British police but the main point is that those UK police seconded abroad are desperately needed here in the UK!

Apparently the British police claim they have refused the offer, but, the mayor is contacting different forces to try and get some police officers over to Benidorm this summer.

We have also heard that the Spanish authorities have refused an offer from British police, stating that they would police their own streets. So, things do seem to be a bit up in the air, however, we do know some things for sure…

UK Police on Streets of Benidorm by Summer 2016… Possibly!

Juan Carlos Moragues, a Valencian regional government representative, watched closely to see how the two week trial of the police officers patrolling the streets of Magaluf went down, and with its success, he announced British police will patrol the streets of Benidorm in the summer. He believes the initiative will benefit Benidorm and help to bring law and order to the party capital of Spain.

He said: “When a British tourist sees a ‘bobby’ patrolling the streets or beaches they will feel at home.”

Juan Carlos Moragues hopes by having British police patrol the streets of Benidorm with local officers it will deter unruly drunken anti-social behaviour.

However, the news has not gone down well with some British Tax Payers, who have asked why when the police resources are at stretching point in the UK, should police officers be sent to Benidorm to do a job that the local police should be doing.

Pea Men, Pickpockets, Violent Bouncers & Prostitution

Fans of Benidorm and regular holidaymakers have said it’s not the unruly drunken anti-social behavior that’s the problem, but instead it’s the criminal activity of pea men, pickpockets, violent bouncers and local authorities not willing to clamp down on crime.

In recent years, Benidorm has experienced a huge problem with pea men and pickpockets, a problem that is not being addressed by the current Mayor and the police chief.

Reports have suggested that hundreds of people each week are being pickpocketed and even though the police know who they are, nothing is being done. The increase in criminal activity has put many regular holidaymakers off returning, which has resulted in local businesses asking, why the police and the Mayor are ignoring the problem.

Small Survey

We spoke to one hundred holidaymakers in Benidorm and asked them if they agreed British police officers should patrol the street to cut down on anti-social behaviour.

Among those hundred people, were two ex-police officers and one current serving officer. None of the people we spoke to felt it was a good idea. The majority said it was not the anti-social behavior that was the problem, but instead the prostitutes, the pea men, and the pickpockets.

Many questioned why police officers should be taken off the streets in the UK when crime is rising, to patrol a holiday resort where the police are not doing the job they are being paid to do.

Darren Thomas from Leicester said: “I am disgusted that with all the cutbacks in our police forces why we should consider sending officers to patrol Benidorm.”

When we asked a UK supermarket department manager about the idea of police patrolling Benidorm, he said the idea was stupid. “We have recently been told by police if a shoplifter steals less than one hundred pounds we shouldn’t call them. If the police don’t have the officers to deal with shoplifters then why should they be patrolling the streets of another country?

94% of peopled surveyed said they truly loved Benidorm and that it was no different regarding criminality than any other busy resort in Spain. This overwhelming support for Benidorm came from a wide demographic and it has to be said that almost 50% of those surveyed were on their third or more visit.

Here at UKACP we think it has to be noted that Benidorm attracts millions of visitors every year and anywhere attracting this many holidaymakers can expect to have its own share of trouble.

Local Businesses in Benidorm

It’s not just holidaymakers who are up in arms over the idea of British police patrolling the streets of Benidorm. Some local businesses have said Juan Carlos Moragues is out of touch, and he should be looking at the more serious problem of criminals targeting holidaymakers.

One local business owner who did not want to be named said: “I hear of at least 40 people a week being pickpocketed. I believe there to be many more. Most people don’t know they’ve been robbed until it’s too late, but some people are victims of physical violence.

Through talking to local businesses and holidaymakers, many believe the idea of British police patrolling the streets of Benidorm was not only pointless but a publicity stunt to fool holidaymakers in believing the Mayor of Benidorm was taking direct action against the rising crime.

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