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Cheaper Long Haul Holidays

Posted on : 18-01-2016 3:44

Some Tips For Cheap Long Haul Holidays.

Long Haul HolidaysWhile I look out of my window at the lovely weather, I think about running down to the local beach and sunbathing.

Ok, I don’t really, especially as I am based in the UK where it has rained everyday for the past 30 days.

But I do look out of my window and wish my summer holidays were here. So, I decided to look at some destinations that are offering value for money and decided to share them with you.

Spanish Holidays

Prices for Spanish holidays are now increasing due to the huge number of people who are booking their holidays early to places like the Costa del Sol, Benidorm and Alicante.

Spain Alternatives

However, there are still some great deals available if you look at other destinations around the world, and one of those destinations believe it or not is Zambia.


Zambia has some great deals at the moment. Not only can you get some cheap deals for the long haul flights, but also with the exchange rate Zambia will give you 65% more for your pound compared to last year.

That obviously means, once you are there everything is going to cost a lot less.

Russia and South Africa

Other long haul holiday destinations that offer value for money are Russia and South Africa. Both of these holiday destinations are offering some cheap deals while they also offer great value due to the exchange rate.


One month to avoid if you are looking for a great deal is August, this is the time of the year that most holidays go up in price, so if you can, travel before or after this month.

You can also save money by comparing different airports to fly from as well as different times of the day. It will amaze you if you compare one day to another and then compare an early flight to a late flight how much you can save.

Check with a travel agent and see what prices they are charging, and then check the prices separate as if you were putting your own package holiday together.

Do not be afraid to then go to the travel agent and say, this is how much money I can save if I did it myself. Tell them, if they can beat that price you will then book it with them. Some travel agents will match and try and beat the price.

Remember, the money is better in your pocket than the travel agent’s, so it’s always better to compare prices for the best deals.
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