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David Cameron Should Let Parents Take Children Out Of School For A Family Holiday

Posted on : 19-03-2015 10:58

PM Should Ease Rules on School Time Holidays!

Family Going On Holiday Here at we understand education is important but we also understand it is important for families to spend time together and for children to have at least one holiday a year.

However, due to the high prices of holidays when schools are closed thousands of parents are unable to afford to take their children on holiday. It really does seem to us that this is totally unjust and the government has missed a fantastic pre election chance to really help families.

 Parents Trapped Between Government & Travel Agents

Since the ban on taking children out of school came into place, parents have struggled to afford a family holiday. When children are at school travel agents are desperate to sell their package holidays, with so many different sales and all the special offers, going on holiday can be cheap.

However, once the schools close the doors, travel agents take advantage and push up the prices leaving thousands of parents unable to pay the high prices.

Government Enforced Fines

If a parent takes their children out of school and ignores the ban, they face a fine. Although many teachers and councillors disagree with the fine system, they are left with no option but to report it. The fine is £60, although if a parent fails to pay this it can increase to £120. If a parent still fails to pay they could then face prosecution with a maximum fine of £2500 or a prison sentence of three months.

Many believe the ban, which was the brainchild of former Education Secretary Michael Grove, who can afford the high prices of holidays, was not researched properly. Many travel experts believe rules should have been put in place to stop travel agents taking advantage. However, the ban was brought in, and travel agents were left free to increase prices.

David Cameron, who many hope will not be living at Number 10 Downing Street after the next General Election and instead working at McDonalds, said he did understand how millions of families are struggling to survive.

Time For A Change

Some Headteachers, councillors and thousands of parents have called on David Cameron to relax the ban. However, it seems he is not listening, and parents have little option than to pay the high prices if they want to have an enjoyable family holiday.

UK Airport Car Parks Conclusion

UKACP We like to think that we help in some small way to leave families with more money in their pocket on holiday. It seems to us that various travel agents are really taking advantage of families, you just have to see the massive hike in their prices during school holidays, it really is unfair and just plain wrong!

We also feel that the government had an opportunity to address this unjust issue but it seems they’ve come down on the side of travel agents.

At least you can save some money on airport car parking!