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DCC Psychology Services Tackle Fear of Flying

Posted on : 17-02-2016 1:51

Dynamic Change Consultants Helping You To Conquer Your Fear Of Flying.

Aerophobia or as it’s more commonly know “fear of flying” affects approximately 1 in 6 people to one degree or another. Some people simply refuse to ever fly whereas others do fly but find it very hard to cope with their internal feeling of fear.

Sufferers symptoms can include a feeling of claustrophobia, a feeling of not being in control, right up to a real belief that the plane will crash at any minute.

Dynamic Change Consultants (DCC)

There are some really clever people in Hampstead, London called Dynamic Change Consultants who can help with your fear of flying. In fact they even help support aircrew who for whatever reason become unable to fly.

Their team is led by Professor Robert Bor and is backed up by many aviation experts which include psychologists, pilots and flight attendants. They also provide consultations on a group or individual basis at many locations in the UK and even abroad.

DCC are world leaders in developing psychological approaches to treating a fear of flying and because of this many airlines refer clients to them who need specialist help.

We think its the tailored, personal approach and their experience in this field which makes them stand out. For example if you are having a consultation for a fear of flying and you’re ready to take the plunge and go on a course flight then DCC will be available to go on the flight with you.

Overcome Your Fear of FlyingOvercome Your Fear of Flying

Professor Robert Bor has written a best selling self help book to help combat a fear of flying along with Carina Eriksen and Margaret Oakes. The title of the book is “Overcome your Fear of Flying” and is published by Sheldon Press.

The book looks at the many skills you can put into use to reduce those anxious feelings you have when flying or even just before flying. It also has quite a unique approach to helping you in a practical way.

For example it contains many examples of how a fear of flying can manifest itself and really focuses on self help derived from modern psychological research findings.