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Delays at the Airport Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!

Posted on : 16-12-2015 2:40

Delays made a pleasure? The Delay Pod may just revolutionise the way we wait!

Just The Flight Delay PodA new and innovative invention from Just the Flight is set to revolutionise airport delays and make waiting for late flights much more bearable.

The Delay Pod is a fantastic creation thought up by the brains at Just the Flight to make waiting around in airports a much more comfortable experience.

Gone are the days of attempting to get comfortable in hard metal airport lounge chairs or aimlessly wondering around; the Delay Pod allows you to relax in your own personal space while you await your flight.

No one likes a delay

While we Brits may be famed for our ability to enjoy a good queue, in reality, waiting aimlessly is actually not something we relish. A delayed flight and hours spent marauding around an airport can make for the worst start to any holiday and it’s even worse if you’re stuck in the airport returning home. There is only so long you can potter about in duty free and Tie Rack.

Anyone who has ever been in an airport can testify to the levels of discomfort airport lounge seating brings (unless you’re lucky enough to be in the VIP first class lounge anyway).

Delay PodThere is just no way to get comfortable in those hard metal or plastic seats, especially if you are stuck waiting hours for your plane to arrive from the other side of the world or waiting for the thin layer of mist to leave which is preventing all planes from taking off.

And don’t even think about trying to get any sleep in one of those chairs; it simply isn’t possible. If you value your privacy then you will know that any sense of personal space also evaporates in airport lounges.

Squished in next to your fellow passengers, good luck keeping your magazine, phone, tablet or book to yourself without your neighbour peering over for a sneaky peek.

With all the problems and inconveniences facing delayed airport passengers, it’s a miracle that no one has come up with a solution before. But Just the Flight have been beavering away in their ideas rooms and emerged with the Delay Pod; the perfect solution to airport lounge discomfort.

Help is finally here

Airport Delay Pod from Just the FlightThe Delay Pod is a simple idea which will make the lives of delayed travellers a whole lot easier and more comfortable.

The design is based upon the same principle as a pop up tent. Simple to assemble, the pod has no need for pegs or guy-lines, just pop it up and voila! Your own private pod to relax and await the eventual departure of your flight, no matter how long that wait may be.

Be the envy of the airport as you relax and unwind while your fellow passenger squirm and shift trying to find a comfortable position on the hard airport chairs.

The Delay Pod has enough room within for you to comfortably stretch your legs and lie down; perfect for overnight delays. In essence, with sides and a roof it’s just like a tent; allowing you to shut out the busy airport hustle and bustle and giving you the privacy and quite to read your book or take a little nap. There is even a zip up door so that you can completely shut off from the world if you so wish.

It gets better

You can now pre-order your Delay Pod for the bargain price of only £99 to make sure your next airport visit is a calm and comfortable one, even if you are met with delays. However, at Just the Flight, they have decided to celebrate the launch of this revolutionary new product with a fab giveaway.

Just The Flight thought that the perfect way to celebrate the coming of the sanity-saving Delay Pod was to celebrate in style. They’ve devised a fun competition for you to win one of these fab inventions, and all you need to do to be in with the chance of winning a Delay Pod hot off the production line is to send your best (or worst) airport story and they will pick the one we think is the most impressive!

So whether your luggage went missing to Taiwan for a week, you caught the wrong flight home alone style or were stuck in Terminal 1 for 17 days; Just the Flight want to hear about it. Simply email your story to and share or tweet their page to be in with a chance of winning your very own Delay Pod , making you the envy of the airport.
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