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Don’t Drink & Drive This Christmas

Posted on : 09-12-2015 9:38

Want A Free Ride To The Graveyard This Christmas? Don’t Drink And Drive!

Drink Driving in the UK This ChristmasYou may have heard the message before, don’t drink and drive but no matter how many times people hear that message, and no matter how much the government spend on drink drive campaigns, people are still getting behind the wheel while drunk.

Each year around 3,000 people are killed or seriously injured in drink drive collisions.  That figure is shocking, but even though people are aware how dangerous it can be to get behind a wheel while under the influence, people are still doing it.

Small Survey

We decided to ask fifty people why they thought people got behind the wheel while having a drink at Christmas, and the popular answers are shocking.

1. Taxis are too expensive at Christmas
2. People believe two or three drinks will not change their driving performance
3. It is much harder to get a taxi at Christmas

Taxi Costs – Poor Excuse!

It is shocking to think people believe the cost of a taxi is more important that being safe on the road. According to the people we asked, one of the main reasons why people get in their vehicle after having a drink is down to their local taxi company.

With one in six deaths on the roads being caused by a drunk driver, the cost of a taxi should not be a problem. It is shocking that someone could put a life of a person down to the cost of a taxi journey home.

Free Ride To Next Destination

Getting into a vehicle after having one or more drinks should not be an option. For people who are worried about the cost of a taxi after having a few drinks should think about the free ride they would be given.

When driving under the influence after a road traffic accident, the driver has two options. A free ride to the police station where they could face prison sentence, or a free ride to their local graveyard, the choice is yours.
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