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Don’t Pay Those Excess Luggage Charges

Posted on : 08-03-2016 4:21

Tips To Avoid Excessive Luggage Charges With Ryanair

One of the biggest nightmares when flying with low cost airlines such as Ryanair, Jet2, or EasyJet is worrying about going over on your luggage allowance, especially with the amount of money they charge.


When I fly with Ryanair, it’s not the silly questions I worry about when I get to check-in like, have you packed this bag yourself, I always lie and say yes when really I didn’t, I mean, have you seen the way I pack?

I am not even worried when they ask, has anyone put anything in your luggage without you knowing about it, it does not worry me, confuses me yes, but never worries me. No, what I worry about is going over on my luggage allowance.

I always pay for 20kg of luggage when I fly with Ryanair, it costs £20 there and £20 back. But if I go over on that luggage allowance, then Ryanair, the cheap flights airline who would love for us all to stand up on their flights to fit more people on board will have pound signs in their eyes.

For every kilo you go over on your allowance Ryanair charge you £10. That could work out as a lot of money if you don’t pack properly or watch the weight of your luggage.

Packing Tips

So, I thought I would share with you some packing tips to keep the money in your pocket instead of the boss of Ryanair.

1. Take full advantage of your hand luggage. Ryanair allow you to have 10 kg of hand luggage. Although they tell you that you are only allowed 10 kg of hand luggage, I have never once had my hand luggage weighed.

2. Pack all of the heavy items in your hand luggage, which includes shoes, belts and any other hand luggage

3. To keep the weight down on your luggage, wear what you can. If you are taking a coat on holiday then wear it, don’t pack it. And if you are taking one or two cardigans with you, then again do not pack them, put them over your arm when checking-in.

4. Don’t pack towels, they are very heavy and waste space and weight. There is no need to pack any towels. The hotel will have towels, and if you need one for the beach then buy one while on holiday. They are cheap, much cheaper than paying for excessive luggage.

5. Remember, it does not matter how old a person is, with Ryanair each passenger is allowed 10 kg of hand luggage. So, if you are going on holiday with children then use their hand luggage allowance.

6. Pack your suitcase in a sensible way. Don’t take items that you know you will never wear, and ladies, do you really need all those shoes. Work out what you will be wearing and then pack sensibly.

7. Do you really need a suitcase? You may find that hand luggage is all you need for one week in the sun.

By following our tips, you could save yourself a lot of money by not going over on your luggage allowance. Remember what we always say, the money is better in your pocket than the travel company.
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