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Don’t Pay Too Much for your Airport Parking.

Posted on : 27-05-2010 4:34

Save on Airport Parking in the UK
Save on Airport Parking in the UK

A recent article was written about how expensive some airport car parks were. They concentrated on some of the car parks surrounding London such as Gatwick and Heathrow airports.

Two of their best pieces of advice were to book well in advance and to research the car parks thoroughly. This is something we at UK Airport Car Parks have recommended all along.

You see by simply pre booking and comparing prices you will ALWAYS save money. A lot of travellers tend to put off booking their airport parking until the last minute or even just turn up on the day and pay the ‘gate price’ which is a big mistake.

Also by comparing and investigating each car park you can see just what their security measures are like or see exactly where the car park is located and how often the bus transfer runs ans takes. All these things are very important and indeed necessary if you want to get the right car park for you at a reasonable price!

So the next time you’re planning your holiday take a little time to compare airport parking prices, facilities and services and don’t leave booking your car parking space till the last minute.

If you want to see just how much you can save on airport parking throughout the UK and especially for Gatwick airport parking and Heathrow airport parking then go to our website and int he search results you will be shown the savings possible compared to the turn up on the day ‘gate price’.

We think you’ll be amazed at the savings possible.