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Don’t Quit European Union Says EasyJet

Posted on : 15-12-2015 2:16

EasyJet Claim Quitting The EU Would Put An End To Cheap Flights.

EasyJetCheap flight airline EasyJet claimed a few months ago that quitting the EU would see an end to cheap flights from the UK around the world, but are they just trying to scare people into voting no to leaving the EU?

EasyJet CEO

EasyJet chief executive Carolyn McCall claims leaving the EU would be bad for Britain and the businesses in the UK. She told BBC’s Today programme: “ Airlines benefit from EU-wide agreements. Being part of Europe allows freedom of movement in flying, and it allows the low fares.”

EU Referendum

David Cameron promised the voters that he would hold a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU. However, it seems the travel industry are against the vote and want to stay in the EU and believe it would damage the industry if the UK left.

Some campaigners who believe the UK should leave the EU claim Carolyn McCall is just trying to scare the voter into voting to stay in the UK. They have said there is no proof it would damage the travel industry or make flights and holidays more expensive.

What do you think, let us know on our official Twitter page if you feel we should leave the EU? @nearlyintheair
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