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Don’t Rely On Credit Cards When Visiting Greece

Posted on : 19-05-2015 8:52

Do Not Rely On Credit Or Debit Cards When Visiting Greece

Santorini GreeceIf you are not aware, Greece is facing serious financial problems. Although you may be thinking what that has got to do with me, the answer is nothing unless you are thinking of going to Greece for a holiday.

Greece has two weeks to solve their financial problems before they risk bankruptcy. If they do not receive the handout, then public servants may not be paid, and cash machine may become empty. That could mean important services may not be available, and holidaymakers may not gain access to their cash through cash machines.

Holidaymakers In Greece

Each year two million UK holidaymakers visit Greece, but according to reports many of them are unaware of the problems they could face if the country goes bankrupt. A large number of holidaymakers load prepaid cards with holiday money or take credit or debit cards instead of cash. Although this can be safer, in an unstable financial environment it could leave holidaymakers with no money.

Take More Cash To Greece

We are advising holidaymakers visiting Greece to take more cash than they would normally. Instead of relying on credit and debit cards, it is important to have cash with them that they can use. If cash machines do stop working and if businesses in Greece start refusing to accept credit or debit cards, that would leave holidaymakers with no access to cash or able to pay for any goods or services. By taking cash, these problems can be overcome.

Nobody knows what the future holds for Greece; this is a very unusual case. On the plus side, we could see hotels and apartments being offered at a much cheaper price by booking direct.


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