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Don’t Risk Not Buying Travel Insurance

Posted on : 21-04-2015 1:09

Travel Insurance – So Important!

Travel Insurance with UKACPIt is human nature to save money; we hate paying for things that we may not need. Most people if they had their way, would not pay for council tax. Most people would also not pay for the water they use, so when it comes to travel insurance you may understand why some people hate buying it.

No Travel Insurance… Ouch!

Although a lot of people do not see the importance to travel insurance and that is why thousands of people each year do not buy it, let’s imagine this for a minute. Imagine you have had a fall at a hotel, you have broken your leg and have some cracked ribs, not a nice thought, and you think things could not get any worse. However, you get taken to the hospital, and then they ask you that dreaded question, ‘Have you got travel insurance’? The blood starts rushing to your head, your wallet quickly runs under the bed and hides, and you think why was I so stupid in not buying travel insurance?

The doctor sends you an administration clerk who then informs you how much the operations and treatment is going to cost you. It is then when you find out you could be looking at over ten thousand pounds or more that you wished you taken out travel insurance, which could have cost you as little as £15.

Don’t Cut Corners On Your Holiday Insurance

There are different ways to save money when going on holiday. You can save money by using our airport car parking comparison tool to reduce your the amount of money you pay when parking your car at the airport. Other ways to save money include booking hotels directly, and booking flights direct instead of using a travel agent.

However, not buying travel insurance is not a great way to save money. Remember, if you do not have travel insurance and something does happen, then you may be forced to sell your home if you do not have the funds available to pay for treatment.

Low Cost Comprehensive Travel InsuranceUK Airport Car Parks (UKACP)

Take a look at our Travel Insurance page, get a quote for comprehensive holiday insurance and see just how little it can cost plus see just what you are covered for.