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Drink Four Pints Less A Week And Pay For Your Holiday

Posted on : 03-02-2016 12:07

Cut Down Alcohol Intake By Four Pints A Week And Pay For A Holiday.

Benidorm, the home of the popular ITV comedy show, and a place where 29.2 million tourists visit each year has become very loved by the UK holidaymaker.

However, a holiday to Benidorm on average costs around £650 for two Full Board. But what if I told you that you could go on holiday without worrying about saving up, and at the same time you could give yourself a healthier body.

Alcohol Reduction Expert

According to a World Renowned Alcohol Reduction expert who is always seen in the media, if you reduce your alcohol intake by four pints a week, you could save over 52 weeks enough money to pay for a holiday in Benidorm.

Georgia Foster has said that people are bored with the message that reducing your alcohol intake would be better for your health, so she has come up with a novel idea.

She said if you think about how much money you can save, by working out the cost of four pints of beer for 52 weeks, then you will be shocked.

Do It For A Holiday

The Alcohol Reduction expert who invented a 7-Day To Drink Less program believes if people think about a holiday instead of their health then they would be more inclined to attempt to reduce their drinking.

It seems a novel and a clever way of encouraging people to drink less. The whole idea is to put in a bottle each week the cost of four pints of beer, instead of spending it on alcohol. By doing this, not only will they have enough to pay for a holiday after 12 months, but it will also allow them to feel healthier by drinking less.

Our Thoughts

To us, this seems very clever. It’s a great way to celebrate 52 weeks of drinking less by going to Benidorm, enjoying the sun and watching all the tribute acts. Don’t forget, we also help you to save money . By using our airport car parking comparison tool where we find you the best car parking prices.

To learn more about the drinking less program visit this link – and remember, if you plan to reduce your drinking over the next 52 weeks, let us know how you are getting on and we will follow your story.
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