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English Families Can Fly From Glasgow Airport And Save

Posted on : 10-04-2015 3:51

Parents in England Can Save Money on Family Holidays by Flying from Glasgow Airport

Family Travelling to Glasgow Airport

The General Election is just around the corner, and I know what you are thinking! They are all as bad as each other. I do understand where you’re coming from.

Trying to choose between David Cameron, Ed Miliband, and Nick Clegg to run our country for the next five years is like choosing what second-hand car to buy from someone who sells them part time. 1) They are all past they sell by date, 2) You do not know if they are reliable, and 3) You are not sure if you can trust them. So which one would you buy, or, in this case, which one would you vote for?

UKACP Survey

According to a recent survey, we conducted, the one that would get into power and receive votes by parents is the one that relaxed or removed the school ban. The school ban that was brought into force in 2013 is making holidays so much more expensive when children are off school.

Travel Agent Rip Offs!

Lets not beat around the bush. Have you noticed how a holiday with the same hotel, the same food, the same weather, and the same flight all of a sudden jumps up in price when children are officially off school? It is like a magic trick. Travel agents are taking advantage, and it needs to stop. If just one of the candidates for the top job sat down and actually thought how these high holiday prices and the school ban was affecting parents, then they might do something about it. But until then, more and more parents from England are being forced to fly from Glasgow Airport to save money.

Fly From Scotland!

Parents are now playing travel agents at their own game. With Scotland having some holidays different than England, where the term time is different, parents are taking advantage of that. Parents have become wise; they are seeing they can save hundreds of pounds by booking from Glasgow Airport when the children in Scotland are at school and while the children in the UK are off school. Although it can be a long drive from London, Manchester and Liverpool, the money parents are saving can be huge.

Some parents are saving up to £800 off a holiday by flying from Glasgow Airport. Unless Scotland start to have the same holidays as England then there is nothing travel agents will be able to do to stop parents from saving on their holidays.


Chris Fryer from said: “Parents should not have to travel such a long distance to reduce a price of a holiday, but while the ban is in place it is the only real alternative.”

So, until one of the three political leaders decide to tackle the ban or tackle travel agents and stop them from increasing their prices, then booking from Glasgow Airport could save parents a lot of money.

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