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Eurostar Refuse To Offer Refunds

Posted on : 19-11-2015 9:53

Eurostar Shock Customers And Travel Agents Over Refunds Refusal

EurostarEurostar have shocked people and travel agents for refusing to offer their customers refunds to Disneyland Paris, which is closed.

Customers who had booked tickets with Eurostar contacted the company to ask how they should claim for a refund.

They were shocked when they were told they would not receive a refund even though Disneyland Paris was closed due to the recent shocking events in Paris.

Eurostar Facebook Page

The official Eurostar Facebook page has received complaints from customers who have said they are shocked at the behaviour of the company.

Eurostar has responded by saying they will not refund passengers but will offer customers the chance to reschedule their trip. This response has upset travel agents and customers with some customers saying Eurostar should be ashamed of themselves.

Travel Agent Comments

One travel agent said she was informed that no refund would be offered. Personal Travel Agent, Sue Patterson said, “I was told there would be no refund as trains were running as normal, so it was their CHOICE not to go even though parks were closed.

Apparently plenty of people were still going – just to sit in the hotels?!! – I would like to find someone that actually did that.”

Passenger Comments

One Passenger from Manchester said: “I feel disgusted that Eurostar is refusing to offer refunds. In future, if possible, I do not intend to travel with the company.”


Since the huge backlash against Eurostar, the company has kept a dignified silence, while some travel agents have said they will put pressure on Eurostar to do the right thing and offer a full refund.


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