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The Ever Rising Cost of Airport Parking!

Posted on : 28-11-2013 2:17

You Simply Don’t Have to Pay These Crazy Prices.

After reading a recent article regarding rising airport parking charges ( especially at Heathrow) it got me thinking about why some people are STILL paying way over the odds for parking.

According to the article some people had been paying as much as £377 for ON airport parking at Heathrow, now I’m guessing this was for two weeks but still it seems rather excessive. After reading the article more it became clear that these charges were for customers who simply turned up at the airport without pre booking their parking.

So, bearing in mind the above rate of £377 take a look at these price comparisons for parking at Heathrow airport :

1. £68.50 for 2 weeks just OFF the airport with a transfer of 15 minutes – Saving £308.50.
2. £95.20 for 2weeks ON the airport with a 5-10 minute transfer to terminal 4 – Saving £281.80.
3. £177.50 for 2 weeks full Meet & Greet parking -Saving £199.50.

So why do some people still pay these crazy prices ? Well some will be very last minute departures, some will be business travellers so won’t be personally paying the charge and some simply wont know about pre booking or even just how much can be saved, and when I talk about pre booking it doesn’t have to be months ahead, you could pre book a week or so in advance and still make these massive savings.

The bottom line is that most UK airport car parks will apply this charge for customers who just turn up without pre booking.

All comparison prices from our website