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Fitness Holidays On The Rise

Posted on : 02-05-2015 12:02

Fitness Holidays Are Becoming Popular With People Looking To Get In Shape

It seems the meaning of a holiday is changing according to recent reports. A holiday was once a time where you would go away and relax for a week or two, but now it seems that is changing.

According to reports, more people from the UK are flying abroad for fitness holidays; it makes me tired just thinking about it. Instead of sitting around the pool all day sunbathing, enjoying the all-inclusive, some people are going on holiday to exercise. Let me just sit down a minute, the thought of working all year and then going on abroad to exercise is making me tired, I need a break.

Exercising In Resort

Ok, back in the room. Yes! According to reports, some people in the UK are so concerned about keeping fit they paying to be told to run a mile or two, pick up weights, or run around a gym. Forget all the lovely food you eat when you stay in an all-inclusive hotel, on these fitness holidays you have to eat healthy food. Come on, going on holiday to eat healthy food that is like telling your mother in law you want her to stay longer when she visits. Have you ever heard anything so crazy?

Holiday Fitness Camps

However, with the high rate of obesity in the UK, more men and women are using their holiday time to go abroad and stay at a fitness camp. Official figures have revealed the number of people travelling abroad for a fitness holiday has doubled in the past twelve months. Travel experts believe the trend will continue to rise with more people turning their backs on fun holidays in order to keep fit and healthy.

So if you fancy spending a week running around to keep fit, thanks to the Euro giving great value for money, you go can abroad and keep fit for a lower price. For the rest of us, let’s exercise by using the computer to book those all-inclusive holidays.

What We Think

Well, you could do a mix of exercise and the other regular stuff you do on holiday – relaxing, eating, drinking etc.. We’re sure that if you went on a two week holiday and simply exercised that you’d come back home not feeling like you’ve had a break, so basically do a bit of both if you really do feel the need to exercise that much.

Normally, it’s about now that we say something like compare your airport parking, hotels and lounges with us and have a few more quid in your pocket on holiday for something nice, you know, something like a few extra beers, a local meal or ice creams for all the family.  However, this time we can’t really, so here goes..

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