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Gatwick Airport Parking Is One Of The Most Expensive In The World

Posted on : 04-04-2015 2:22

High Parking Charges at Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport Parking High PricesThe UK is known for high fuel bills, petrol prices, and property prices, but a shocking report has found the UK is one of the most expensive places to park a car at an airport.

Report Findings

According to the recent report, Gatwick Airport is one of the most expensive places to park a car unless you use our airport parking comparison tool. The report shocked millions of holidaymakers who could not understand why it was more expensive to park a car in the UK than it was in places like America.

The report found Gatwick Airport, London City Airport, Luton and Stansted, Manchester, and Edinburgh Airport car parks were one of the most expensive in the world. According to the report, parking in the UK is so expensive you could pay for an extra week holiday for one if you fail to use an airport parking comparison tool.

UK Airport Car Parks

Travel experts have said; there are three ways to save money on airport car parking; the first one is to leave the car at home and travel to the airport on roller skates. The second option is to get a taxi to the airport, which can be expensive. Or the best option is to use the UK Airport Car Parks comparison tool where holidaymakers can get the lowest airport parking prices.

A spokesman for said: “A lot of holidaymakers are overpaying their airport car parking. By using our comparison tool they can save a great deal of money and avoid paying high prices.”

Since the report has come to light, travel experts have called on Airports to lower parking prices, but none of the major airports have responded.

UK Airport Car customers do not have to worry about high airport car parking prices; by using our comparison tool they can always get the best deals. It’s not rocket science..!

All you need to do is to compare prices, transfers, location etc.. from the top UK providers then pre book. By doing these two things we can guarantee you will save from 15 – 60% EVERY time compared to the gate price!

Gatwick airport parking made easy and cheaper with UKACP.