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Gatwick Airport Parking – which to Choose.

Posted on : 21-01-2010 1:30

Gatwick Airport Parking – What to Choose ?
by Carol Lamb

If you’re considering parking your car at Gatwick airport then you need to know that you could be faced with a mountain of choices. How do you decide which is best for you ? Well that’s quite easy really, you need to compare, compare and compare. You will be inundated with websites offering Gatwick airport parking but only a few out there really compare the important aspects related to arranging it.

Imagine a family of four want to purchase some Gatwick airport parking and want to leave Gatwick on 15th July for a fortnight. It would be silly to trawl through all those websites showing as a result of your search on a search engine, an easier option is to use a site such as This site will bring together in one easy to use site all the product information and prices from the top UK airport parking sellers. So we’ve entered our dates and selected Gatwick airport, we can expect to have more than 30 results returned to us. These results will range from Meet and Greet airport parking to car parks on and off the airport. The prices will also range from just under 90 to more than 140. Not only that though, you’ll be able to really compare the many car parking features each car park has to offer such as security measures, car park location and the shuttle transfers.

Get the latest information, prices and all relevant facts by using a comparison site. It can be quite daunting given the massive choice for Gatwick airport parking so remember do yourself a favour and make life easier by comparing using a site like our example.

Holidaymakers from London and the south east of the UK will use Gatwick airport so it’s easy to see why it gets so busy. Gatwick airport has two runways but only uses one at a time, it also has two terminals to serve the north and south of the airport. Always remember this when booking your car parking at Gatwick airport and make sure you’ve got a car park booked which serves the terminal which is used by your airline. Our example site will always let you know what teminal is served by what car park.

A lot of people think that the more you pay for airport parking at Gatwick then the better the security or services are, well this is not always true. Although price does play a big factor in determining what kind of car park you get it is not the only consideration, so remember, take your time and compare as well as read up on the car parks, there is a car park out there to suit everybody!

Should we park on the airport at Gatwick or off the airport ? Well for a short shuttle bus time or even a quick walk to departures then you should certainly go for the on airport car parking. You could however save a bit of money and go for the off airport option which would mean a longer bus transfer (5 – 20 minutes typically).  There is no set rule but usually on airport car parks are slightly more expensive than off airport car parks. There is another option, the Meet & Greet services of which Gatwick airport has many. These are the ultimate in convenience allowing you to simply drop your car off at departures on your way out and then picking it up outside arrivals on your way back… simple!

Want to find out more about Airport Parking, then visit the site at Gatwick Airport Parking  for all your airport parking needs.