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Gatwick Sky Parking Under Investigation

Posted on : 23-01-2016 2:30

Car Parking Company Gatwick Sky Parking Being Investigated By Sussex Police.

Sussex Police is probing a car parking company near Gatwick Airport after customers complained about their cars being damaged while on holiday.

Gatwick Sky Parking, who has no connection with Gatwick Airport, is being investigated after several customers complained to police over thousands of pounds worth of damage to their vehicles. The damage includes scratches and cars covered in mud.

Gatwick Airport

A spokesman from Gatwick Airport who has an approved operator list of car parking companies has confirmed Gatwick Sky Parking is not on that list.

Gatwick Sky Parking

The company being investigated claim the cars are parked in a secure area. Customers who book their services meet a representative at Gatwick Airport where the car is then driven away until the customer returns from holiday.

Customer Complaints

According to one customer who has made a formal complaint to Sussex police, his car received £7,000 worth of damage, which includes scratches on both back doors and his driver’s seat covered in mud.

The customer, Ian Mullen said, “I’m almost certain it was not parked in a secure environment like they say it was with CCTV cameras, etc., and I also have some deep suspicions it had been used by individuals.”

Another customer who made a complaint to the police said her car cost her £2,000 to have repaired. She explained the car had four scratches on the bonnet.

Mirriam Nichols said: “When you pay your money you expect your car to be looked after and not returned in this state.”

The investigation by Sussex Police continues.

UK Airport Car Parks

We can assure all of our clients that every single one of the car parks we offer on our website have been vetted by the relevant providers. Also the on site car parks are vetted by the airport themselves.

Because of this we will never offer a sub standard airport car parking service.

Our advise to anybody booking a Meet & Greet service (or even any type of airport parking) would be to look out for the Park Mark award. See our blog post regarding this police accreditation.