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Get A Better Holiday Deal By Haggling

Posted on : 16-07-2015 10:18

Learn How To Haggle Holiday Prices To Get A Better Deal

Holiday Haggling
In the old days before the likes of Thomson and First Choice joined forces, and where there were more travel agents on the high street, haggling holiday prices was a way of life. Now, it seems the art of haggling has been lost because people believe the likes of Thomson and First Choice have cornered the market.

When First Choice and Thomson became one they thought they had cornered the UK holiday market, but they underestimated how powerful the Internet was and how new travel companies could come along and undercut them.

High Street Travel Agents

Tens of thousands of people still go to their local high street travel agent and pay the full price, which is great news for the likes of Thomson and Thomas Cook but bad news for consumers pockets. If you are one of those people, then read our different holiday saving tips and learn ways where you can book a much cheaper holiday.

Our latest money saving tips is how to haggle.

Step 1

Find the holiday you are after. Search through Thomson, First Choice and Thomas Cook websites. Also, search through travel sites that include Travelsupermarket, Icelolly, and Teletext Holidays.

Once you have found the holiday of your dreams, then write down the price, hotel details, holiday company details and dates of travel.

Step 2

If you have found the price cheaper on sites that include Travelsupermarket, Icelolly, and Teletext Holidays, and Thomson or Thomas Cook offer the same holiday, then contact them.

Tell them that you have seen the same holiday they are offering at a cheaper price, tell them the site that is offering the deal and ask them if they can beat it. A lot of companies will try and beat the deal, and if you are happy with the price, then you can book it. If you are not happy with the price, then go to step three.

Step 3

Contact Travelsupermarket, Icelolly, and Teletext Holidays and tell them you have been given a great price on a holiday they are offering and you want to know if they can beat that price. If they cannot then when you go through the online travel sites, you will see the details of the company they are selling the holidays for. Go direct to that company and tell them you are looking for a good deal and you have been quoted a better price than they are offering.

These travel companies need to sell holidays and most of the time they will try and give you a better deal to get your custom. By following the tips above, you could save a few hundred pounds off a family holiday.

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