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Go To Spain For A Safe Holiday

Posted on : 15-01-2016 1:17

Spain Has Become The Number One Choice For Safe Holidays.

SpainWith all the terror atrocities over the past 12 months and the threat of many more, rightly so holidaymakers have become very concerned about travelling abroad.

With Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco and Egypt now being classed as a no-go zone for the majority of holidaymakers, Spain has become the number one choice.

Other Destinations With Problems

It is not just the terrorist attacks that are putting people off from their normal holiday destination. The problems with Greece due to the influx of Syrian refugees and France with the problems at border control has also become off-putting.

A spokesman for Thomas Cook has said that Spain has quickly become the number one destination for holidaymakers who want to find a safe holiday resort.

They said: “We are seeing a lot of people who would normally go to Turkey or North African countries like Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia look at the more traditional Spanish mainland, the Spanish islands and Portugal.”

Increases In Price

With more people booking their holidays early to Spain it has unfortunately resulted in travel agents putting up their prices. The travel industry, which lost a lot of money last year due to the terror atrocities are now looking for ways to claw back that loss.

Instead of taking the loss on the chin they are now increasing their holiday prices for Spain. In Ireland, the cost of holidays has increased by as much as 12 per cent.

Irish Travel Agents’ Association chief Pat Dawson said: “With the demand switching further south and west, our members are seeing prices increase.

“For example, if a family room cost €100 a night in Spain, it could now be an extra €12 a night.

“Price increases are more noticeable in the Canary Islands than anywhere else. Prices and value is driven by supply and demand.”

There are still deals to be had though. By avoiding travel agents and booking direct, holidaymakers can still get some great deals, but by booking through a travel agent, holidays to Spain are going to be more expensive.
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