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Government School Term Time Holiday Fines

Posted on : 28-10-2015 5:58

Is The Government Right To Fine Parents For Taking Their Children On Holiday?

Family Holiday School Term FinesThe fine system has come under fire from parents, teachers, and even some councillors and MPs so is it not about time the Government look at it again and come up with a better solution.

Prime Minister’s Stance

David Cameron said the fine system was introduced to make sure children get a good education, which is ok for him to say when he can afford to pay for a great education for his children.

He claims parents taking children out of school to get a cheaper holiday are affecting their children’s education. He failed to mention how the strikes caused by his government shocking treatment of teachers and the lack of money they put into schools affects a child’s education.

David Cameron in his nice suit, nice car, and nice house said parents taking children on cheap holidays during term time was not right. He claimed a child was suffering, and they could fall behind.

This is not a view that is shared by many parents and even teachers who have been issued with fines.

Typical Case In Question

The latest parents to receive a fine for taking their daughter out of school are the stars of TV documentary ‘People Like Us‘ set in Manchester. If you have never watched it, then think about the Only Way Is Essex and then think of the complete opposite to that show.

Parents Karen Wakefield, 48, and Paul Dawson, 44, took their 14-year-old daughter Madison to Turkey for a cheaper holiday. On their return, they were issued with a £60 fine. However, they did not agree with the fine and were forced to attend court.

They were found guilty and were ordered to pay £620 each in fines and costs and pay within 14 days. Many parents were shocked with the news, but these were not the only parents who faced court and received shocking fines.

Some Teachers Views

Many teachers have said they have become the enemy of parents over the fine system. Some teachers have said it’s making teaching even less enjoyable thanks to the government.

Many teachers and councillors want the fine system looked at again. They want it to be made better and for other solutions to be brought in.

A lot of teachers understand that many parents cannot afford the high prices of a holiday when the schools are closed.

Some Travel Agents

With travel agents taking advantage of the new law, holidays can increase from £900 for a family of three to over £2,000.

Many families cannot afford that amount, only people like MPs who agree with the fine system can afford it, but what about the real people?

Fine Systems Far Reaching Affects

UK tourism experts have said the fine system is not just affecting parents, it’s also affecting jobs in the UK. They would also like to see the government come up with a better solution.

Let Us Know What You Think

We really would love to know what you think of the fine system in the UK. Should it be changed? Should parents be allowed to take their children out of school for a cheap holiday or do you agree with the fine system? Let us know what you think on our official Facebook page.
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