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Hauser & Wirth Tell Princess Eugenie No More Holidays

Posted on : 01-10-2015 10:04

No More Holidays for Princess

Princess Eugenie Holiday BanPrincess Eugenie is not a happy bunny at the moment after being told by her bosses to stop going on holiday. The 25-year old Royal is well- known for her love of holidays, but it seems her bosses at the swish art gallery do not share that love.

Taking Time Off To A Whole New Level!

The young royal has only worked for the art gallery since July but has already taken 25 days off for holidays. Now it seems her bosses have had enough.

Princess Eugenie has been told she is not allowed to take anymore holidays until after December, which means she will miss out on her mother’s birthday party in New York.

While her family and friends jet off to New York on the 15th October to celebrate her mum’s birthday, Eugenie will be back in London manning a stall in Regent’s Park for Frieze London.

Hauser & Wirth

A source at H & W claimed the Princess was told by her bosses that she needs to stop taking time off work and start concentrating on her career. According to the source, Eugenie has been absent from work 50% of the time she has worked there.

So, it looks like no holidays in Benidorm for Princess Eugenie.

My Own Comments

Before I start my rant I need to say that I am not against all royals, I don’t see the need for a royal family as such but some do give something back in return for their status and privilege.

I really hate it when I read stories like this, purely because I cannot stand how ‘royals’ such as this get such preferential treatment!

Firstly, it’s probably fair to say that this girl would never have got a job in such a place if she was from a regular family and secondly she would have been ‘down the road’ by now for taking so much time off!

I have no time for her mother also, remember when she was caught trying to sell appearances with her ex!

I really like to think that Hauser & Wirth took on Princess Eugenie to gain some press coverage, lets face it, if it wasn’t mummy & daddy pulling in favours then it must have been for the press coverage.

I’m looking forward to the press release which says they’ve sacked her!!
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