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High Temperatures in Cyprus

Posted on : 27-08-2015 12:42

Cyprus High Temperatures

British Holidaymakers Warned To Take Extra Care When On Holiday In Cyprus

Holidaymakers visiting Cyprus for their holiday are being warned by health experts to take extra care due to the rising temperatures of 52C. The temperature in Cyprus has become so hot it has melted steering wheels according to reports.

Sunbathing Advice

Health experts and ABTA are advising holidaymakers not to sunbath in the midday heat due to the serious problems it could cause. The normal temperature in Cyprus around the August time is between 30 and 40C. However, the temperatures have rocketed to 52C, which health experts fear may cost lives if people do not take serious precautions like drinking plenty of water and keeping in the shade instead of sunbathing on the beach.

A spokesman for the ABTA Travel Association said: “These are the temperatures you usually associate with places like Iraq.”

He continued to say: “We would advise people to avoid the beaches at midday when the sun is at it hottest. Watch what the locals do and spend lunchtime in the shade.”

Keep Safe

Although people like to drink a lot of beer on holiday, here at UK Airport Car Parks we are advising tourists to drink beer in moderation and instead drink plenty of water to stay safe. If you feel you are being affected by the sun, then it is important to ask the hotel to arrange a doctor to come and see you, or go straight to the hospital.
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