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Holiday Costs – UK vs Abroad

Posted on : 24-08-2015 4:04

UK vs Holidays AbroadUK Holidays More Expensive Than Holidays Abroad

For a long time now the British Tourism industry has been trying to convince holidaymakers that the UK has a lot to offer for a family holiday, and they are right.

The UK is a great place to spend a family holiday together but if you are expecting it to be cheaper than going abroad then forget it.

UK vs Abroad On Price

If you are a family of four looking to go away on holiday in the UK, then I suggest you wear long pants with deep pockets so you can carry all the extra money you will need.

I’m not saying do not stay in the UK for a family holiday as there are many great places to go, which includes Devon, Great Yarmouth, and of course Blackpool. But I am saying staying in the UK is more expensive than going abroad.

Let’s have a look at the price difference.

I looked at how much it would cost to go to Bognor Regis in September :

Accommodation – self-catering £960

Food – eating in at the accommodation and eating out £300

Drinks for children – includes bottle drinks and buying drinks out £100

Drinks for adults in the evening – £300

Note: There are other items we could have added onto the list, which includes things for children to do and other items.

The total cost to stay in the UK would be £1660

For a family of four that is a lot of money, but in reality, it could cost as much as £2,000 or more for one week in the UK.

I looked at how much it would cost to go to Majorca on the same date in September and was surprised to see many holidays available for £800 to stay in a three-star accommodation. The hotels we looked at were all-inclusive, had children’s clubs, lots to do for the whole family.

Holiday – Majorca £800 (although we found holidays priced at £600 and £700)

Food – all included with the price

Drinks – included in the price

The price difference between a holiday in the UK and staying in a hotel abroad was £860


We checked many other hotels abroad and compared them against prices of caravans and other holiday parks in the UK and always found that going on holiday abroad was much cheaper.

For families looking for a great holiday in the sun and to find holidays that fits their budget then this is good news. However, for the UK tourist industry it is bad news.

Holiday parks in the UK make their money in so many different ways. That includes food bought on the site, drinks bought at the bar and entertainment, so it does seem strange why they are charging so much for accommodation.

If you are looking for a holiday on a budget and want great weather, then forget the UK and jump on a plane and go abroad for a much cheaper holiday.

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