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Holidays Could Be Affected If UK Leaves The EU

Posted on : 29-02-2016 1:53

Four Ways Life Could Change For Holidaymakers If We Leave The EU.

UK Holidaymakers & Exiting the EUThere have been lots of talks recently about leaving the EU and staying in the EU, but what does it all mean? Most people will have heard the term Brexit (an abbreviation of British exit) in the news recently, but how many people truly understand the implications of a British exit from the European Union?

David Cameron has said we need to stay in the EU and he is currently trying to renegotiate the UK’s part in the EU, whereas Boris Johnson has said we really need to leave, are you confused, well we are?

We decided to look at ways that leaving the EU could affect holidaymakers, these include how flights could increase.

Flight Prices and Holidays in Europe

Thomson, easyJet and other holiday companies have said that leaving the EU would be a bad idea. According to the leading travel agents the cost of flights would increase and holiday prices would also be more expensive.

Carolyn McCall the easyJet CEO recently stated that “a Brexit could herald a return to the days when flying was reserved for the elite”.

She went on to say “The EU has brought huge benefits for UK travellers and businesses. Staying in the EU will ensure that they, and all of us, continue to receive them“.

“How much you pay for your holiday really does depend on how much influence Britain has in Europe.”

Also Peter Long the former boss of the TUI group said “close cooperation with other EU states was essential to “protect the security of our holidaymakers“.

Security & Travelling in the EU

At the moment when travelling around the EU we are fast-tracked through the EU lines at passport control, but if the vote goes Boris Johnson’s way and we leave the EU, then we will no longer be fast tracked at airports. That could mean long delays.

Peter Long also states that as part of the EU we would receive greater collaboration from other EU member countries. He goes on to say that after the Tunisian massacre he witnessed how well European governments worked together in a crisis, adding that “it would not be like that if we weren’t in a situation where we were as Europe working together”.

Having a Holiday Home Abroad

Having a second home in Spain has become more affordable with the housing market crashing. Other European countries have also made it attractive to have a second holiday home, but leaving the EU could put an end to that.

If David Cameron lost the vote and we left the EU then, a second home abroad could become more expensive due to the taxes that could be levied to non EU members.

Owners of existing holiday homes could find themselves facing a new tax because the EU rules on free movement of capital would no longer apply. This is just one aspect many ex-pats and second holiday home owners are worried about.

Holiday Pay & Maternity Leave Could be Affected

At the moment holiday pay is guaranteed. But many have said, if we leave the EU, then holiday pay could be put at risk for new employees. The EU law offers worker’s rights, which includes holiday pay.

However, business experts believe that big businesses would try and get these rules relaxed to save money. That would mean that many would be unable to afford a holiday abroad.

Frances O’Grady the leader of the Trade Union Congress said that “leaving EU would be ‘one hell of a gamble’ and that range of British workers’ rights would be at risk

She basically says that most UK workers rights are derived from Europe and that leaving the EU would jeopardize these basic rights which also includes maternity leave.

Have Your Say

Many people in the UK are not sure which way to vote come the referendum which is likely to be 23rd June 2016. However, consider the following :

Five previously Eurosceptic Labour figures, including shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn, have thrown their weight behind Cameron’s deal. In an open letter, they said the EU was “not perfect” but leaving would be a “huge risk”.

The vote to stay or leave the EU is not that far away, but still there has not been that much information provided to help people decide. We would love to know how you would vote if your holidays were affected.

So, please leave a comment and have your say on our Official Facebook Page.
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