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Holidays & Social Media

Posted on : 12-06-2015 1:52

Using Social Media On Holiday Could Put Your Home At Risk

Social Media
Everybody loves social media, from Facebook to Twitter; it has become a way of life. When people are on holiday, it is only natural to share photographs of the fun you are having and letting people know what you are up to.

However, it has now been revealed that using social media while on holiday could alert criminals that your house is empty.

Police Advice To Holidaymakers

Police and insurance companies are advising people who are going on holiday not to share the news before they travel. They are also advising people not to use social media while they are away as this could alert criminals that your house is empty. It can also alert them the car on the driveway or outside the house is an easy target.

Snooping Criminals

Criminals are now using modern technology as one of their tools, and by watching social media and seeing who is going on holiday, it does not take them very long to find out where you live. While you are away on holiday, you could find yourself receiving a phone call to say your house has been burgled, or your car has been stolen. To combat this, it is important to avoid using social media while away on holiday, and you should also park your car in a secure airport parking facility.

Check Your Insurance Policies Thoroughly

Having your home burgled is a very traumatic experience but it could be a very costly experience. Insurance experts have warned, if a person uses social media and advertises they are away on holiday, an insurance company could void the policy. That would leave you uninsured and would mean you would have to pay to replace everything yourself.

Social media is fun, but to be on the safe side, do not use it while on holiday.
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