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How To Find Cheap EasyJet Flights For Your Holiday

Posted on : 15-04-2015 1:46

Cheap EasyJet Flights!

Cheap EasyJet FlightsThere are a number of cheap flight airlines that claim to help save you money when flying abroad, but let’s be honest, it can be a struggle to find them. When you go to many of these sites, the special offers and cheap flights have gone. We have heard from a number of our readers who have said they can never find cheap easyJet flights, so we decided to put some tips together.

Please follow the following tips to help in your goal of finding cheap easyJet flights

Tip 1

When easyJet announce their new cheap flights, it is important to visit the site straight away and book your cheap flight.

Below is the list of dates that easyJet plan to announce their new cheap flights

 Key diary dates:

29th February 2016 – 17th April 2016     Easter 2016     Mid July 2015

18th April 2016 – 12th June 2016     May public holidays and half term 2016     Early September 2015

13th June 2016 – 11th September 2016     Summer holidays 2016     Early October 2015

12th September 2016 – 30th October 2016     Late summer and October half-term 2016     Early December 2015

Tip 2

Decide what destination you would like to fly to

When looking for a cheap easyJet flight it is important to decide where you would like to fly to before visiting the site. Some people, however, go to the easyJet site and just look for cheap flights and then see what is available. By doing this, you can then plan your trip around the cheapest flight.

Tip 3

Book your easyJet cheap flight at the earliest possible moment.

By choosing a flight at least 56 days before you plan to travel to can reduce the cost of your flight. Remember, there are thousands of people looking for cheap flights just like you, so it is important to get in there first.

Tip 4

Be flexible on the day you can travel

By being flexible on the day you can travel, you can save money. The best days to travel for cheap flights is a Tuesday, Wednesday or a Thursday

Tip 5

Be flexible on the time you can travel

If you can travel early in the morning or late at night, then you will find that these flights can be cheaper. So, if you do not mind when you travel then have a look at these timescales.

Tip 6

Have a look at a secondary airport to travel to

When looking for a cheap easyJet flight a mistake a lot of people make it looking for a direct connection. Ok, it is more convenient to go straight to the airport, but if you have time on your hands and do not mind a little bit of travelling then here is an important tip for you.

If you find the airport you want to travel to is expensive then have a look at an airport that is a bit further away from where you want to go to. If the secondary airport has a good transport link, then you could save a great deal of money.


So, for example. If you were flying to Tenerife, and you really wanted to fly to Tenerife South Airport as your hotel was much nearer to this location, but the flight was expensive, then look at Tenerife North Airport. If the flight to this airport is much cheaper, then work out how much a taxi would cost to your hotel. You could find by doing this it will save you money.

By following these tips, you could save a great deal of money by book cheap easyJet flights. Once you have booked a cheap flight, you can then look at hotels and start to put your holiday package together to generate a cheap holiday.

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