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How To Successfully Travel With Kids!

Posted on : 30-12-2015 11:41

Keeping little ones entertained on short and long haul journeys.

Travelling with KidsEven if you don’t have children we are all too familiar with the sounds of “are we there yet?” from little ones in the back of the car as they go on their summer holidays.

Travelling on the plane is no different.  The little ones and even older kids still need entertaining as they get bored very easily.  And if the kids are bored the journey can be very stressful for everyone involved.

Family Travel

Travelling as a family is all about creating memories that will last a lifetime, and thankfully travelling with toddlers and babies does not need to be as daunting as you may think. With preparation you can create a holiday that will run smoothly from the moment you arrive at the airport.

As the saying goes “practice makes perfect”. The more you travel as a family and are able to refine your choices including entertainment options the calmer the travel arrangements will be.

The route of success is the ability to provide a creative outlet for your kids. If the kids are entertained at the airport and on the plane you have almost achieved the perfect journey.

Tried and Tested Tips

We have put together a range of toys that are perfect for travelling and have huge appeal for children on the go. We even show you how to combine education with fun thanks to tablets and other gadgets.

It’s really worth your time to spend a little time searching round the shops to hopefully find anything that you think might stimulate and engage them. This could be absolutely anything so keep an open mind.

Long Haul Flights

Keep Kids Occupied on the FlightIf you are travelling long haul it is worth purchasing travel games and toys your kids have not previously played with.

For obvious reasons this is a great tip, not only will they enjoy the game (hopefully) but they will spend a lot of time working it out

In cases where cabin allowance is limited, magnetic books and activity packs come into a league of their own. They have proved to have dual functionality, are compact and easily transportable.  Furthermore, they provide hours of fun.

If you have room in your luggage you can even pack in some picture books. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box; record your kid’s favourite books on to a CD for easy listening on the plane.

Seriously Stimulate Them

Content Kids on FlightIt goes without saying it is vital to have age appropriate materials with you, especially if you are travelling with children of varying ages.

However, do not be afraid to extend their mentality and choose games/travel materials that are slightly harder than their age bracket.

Using this route can keep your child engaged in the activity for longer especially if they are learning a new skill.  Options include colouring in books, using sticker books in creative ways and learning to write.

Surprise activity packs will also hopefully give mummy and daddy some much needed relaxation time. The more you are able to relax on your travels the better you will feel when you finally reach your destination.

There are lots of options on the market, so take the time to shop around and carefully select something or a range of items that covers the length of the plane journey and the age of your “customer”. With thanks to the internet you can even locate your favourite children’s toy shop and browse by age and gender.

Enjoy your holiday and remember to stay safe.
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