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Illegal UK Airport Car Parks

Posted on : 06-01-2016 9:11

The Dangers Of Using Illegal Airport Car Parks.

Dangers of using illegal airport car parksThere have been many cases in the media recently about illegal airport car parks and how airports and councils are using their powers to close them down.

A lot of people don’t understand why these types of car parks are being closed down, so we decided to tackle the issue.

Airport Employees & Holidaymakers

Airport car parks are not just used by holidaymakers, they are also used by the employees of UK airports.

Some of these employees who are not provided car parking facilities are trying to find ways of parking their car at a reduced price.

A few methods used by employees and holidaymakers to save money is by parking their car on a road near the airport or parking in an illegal car park.

However, these methods are not advisable and in the long run, could be expensive.

Let’s look at the reasons why you should not park your car on a road near the airport as an employee or as a holidaymaker.

1. Your car will not be as secure as it would be in an airport car parking facility.

2. If car thieves see your car in the same location on a regular basis, it sends a clear message to them that it is easy pickings.

3. If the car is broken into, your insurance could ask questions why the car was there and could void the claim.

It may seem cheaper to park a car on a road near an airport, but if anything happens to that car, then it could cost a small fortune.

Now, let’s look at the reasons why you should not use an illegal car park as a holidaymaker
1. Your vehicle is not secure.

2. The illegal car park may not have insurance, which means if anything happens to your car, you cannot claim it on their insurance.

3. If your car is damaged or stolen your car insurance will void your claim.

A Few Tips When Selecting Airport Parking

1. Always look for the Park Mark Award. This means that the car park has passed stringent tests set by the police.

2. When booking online pick a car park which clearly shows its security measures in place.

3. Always use a comparison site or at least check as many sites as you can.

4. Try to book as far in advance as you can to save money.

If you come across what you think might be an illegal airport car park, it is important to report it and not to use their services. There have been many cases where people thought it would be safe to use an illegal airport car park but found at their cost what an expensive mistake it was.
UK Airport Car Parks

UK Airport Car Parks

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