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Leeds Bradford Airport Raise Drop Off & Pick Up Charges By 50%

Posted on : 06-03-2015 11:05

Leeds Bradford Airport Drop Off & Pick Up Price Rise

Leeds Bradford AirportIf you’re looking to go on an all-inclusive holiday and worried about the weight you may put on, then forget about travelling from Manchester Airport or Gatwick Airport, and travel from Leeds Bradford Airport. The bosses at the airport have gone the extra mile in customer care and have come up with a way for holidaymakers to get fit before their holiday in the sun.

Leeds Bradford Airport bosses have come up with a trolley dash, although you will get fit and healthy, there is no prize at the end of it.

The Airport Management has come up with a new money making scheme by increasing the drop-off and pick fee by 50% for people who wish to be dropped off or picked up outside the main terminal building.

Taxi Drivers Anger

The new increase has caused anger amongst taxi drivers who serve the airport. Taxi drivers and people dropping off and picking up family and friends, are now forced to pay £3 instead of £2. The increase has caused many passengers each week to ask to be dropped off on the entrance Road to avoid paying the high fees.

Thanks to Leeds Bradford Airport fitness campaign, passengers are rushing from the entrance road to the terminal to make sure they do not miss their flight. One Taxi driver who wished to remain anonymous said: “It is like watching a trolley dash at a supermarket with the passengers rushing to the terminal with their luggage.

Another Taxi driver said, “If a passenger is not fit before they go to the airport then they certainly will be by the time they reach the terminal.”

The airport, who has refused to say if the new increase is a way of helping people to get fit, defended the rise. They explained there is a 60-minute free parking zone, which is a three to four-minute walk away from the terminal. However, Taxi drivers have called on the airport to remove the fees all-together and allow drivers to drop off passengers for free for up-to five minutes.

But Mazar Iqbal, of Hackney Carriage Owners and Drivers Association, said: “It is absolutely ridiculous. I go to drop off – and in and out for £3 is ridiculous. You are just popping in and popping out.

A drop off is about two minutes; a pick up is about five minutes. If they allowed us just five minutes in and out, that would be fair play.”

Possible Consequences

A source at a leading High Street Travel Agent has warned it could have a serious effect on future bookings for holidays that fly from the airport. According to the source, holidaymakers are already enquiring about other airports to fly from to avoid the problems that the airport has now caused with the new fees.

If passengers revolt over the increase and start using other airports for their flights, then this could result in Leeds Bradford Airport losing serious money with airlines choosing other airports to fly from.

Leeds Bradford Airport Comments

Leeds Bradford Airport LogoA spokesman for the airport said: “Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) has introduced a dedicated 100-space ‘Free One Hour Parking Zone’ located in the premium Mid-Stay Car Park area a short three-to-four minutes walk from the main terminal entrance.

When, contacted Leeds Bradford Airport to find out if they would come to their senses and either reduce the fees or remove them all-together, they refused to comment.


Until Leeds Bradford Airport bosses come to their senses, it seems holidaymakers need to get on the treadmill for a couple of weeks to get ready for the trolley dash!

Seriously though, it would have been nice for Leeds Bradford airport to have made a comment justifying the price rise rather than simply pointing people to the fact that they have a free 60 minute car park 4 minutes away.

UK Airport Car Parks

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