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Live In Southampton – Book A Cruise

Posted on : 26-01-2016 9:24

Residents In Southampton Book More Cruises Than Anyone Else In The UK.

A new report has been issued that has found people living in Southampton book twice as many cruise holidays than anyone else in the UK.

According to the report, which was issued by Carnival, 3.5 per cent of cruises booked in the UK is booked by residents who live in the Hampshire town.

Recent Report

The report found that the second largest number of bookings came from people living in London, followed by people living in Bristol. Other areas of the UK that made it on the list included

Nottingham, Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester and Leeds.


Carnival CEO David Noyes said: “In many ways Southampton is the home of the UK cruising so it’s fitting that its residents are the most dedicated. And such is the demand within the city it doesn’t look like losing its crown any time soon.

“Overall there were 5% more cruises booked in the UK among our top 10 towns and cities, so cruising is growing in popularity.

It’s particularly interesting to see areas with limited maritime history or coastal links making up our top 10 and goes to show the increasing appeal of this wonderful holiday option.”

Cruise Holidays

Cruise holidays have become more popular in recent years with the lower prices being made available. However, with the lack of information on what people need to pay for while on the cruise holiday, or the amount of spending money they require, many people thinking about booking a cruise are put off.
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