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London’s Third Runway Debate

Posted on : 16-06-2015 3:26

Government Needs To Stop Wasting Time On The Decision To Build A Third Runway

London Airprot Third Runway Decision
The continued delay on where to build the new runway could damage the economy. With Gatwick Airport and Heathrow Airport being the main contenders, it is now a time to make a choice so the runway can be built.
A new runway could help boost the economy and provide tens of thousands of new jobs around the UK.

Government Decision

However, even though the Airports Commission is due to announce its final recommendations in the next couple of weeks, a decision will not be made until December by the Government. Some fear the Government may take even long, which could result in a choice not being made until the middle of 2016.

Campaigners Concerns

Campaigners against a new runway could delay the decision even further. They want an investigation to take place into the damage a third runway would cause the environment including air pollution. If the campaigners succeed in gaining a new investigation, then the decision could be delayed by up to another two years.

Lack Of Clarity

The Teddington Action Group spokesman Paul McGuinness told the BBC: “The lack of proper engagement by the Commission led by Sir Howard Davies in relation to the latest air quality consultation is unacceptable and local people should be consulted in a meaningful way on an issue that directly impacts their health and wellbeing.”

The continued delay in a new runway could make the UK less attractive to the worldwide business community, which could cost the economy a lot of money.


Wherever the new runway is possibly built you can rest assured we’ll have plenty of car parking and airport hotel options for you.