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Luton Airport to charge £2 for Using Trolleys!

Posted on : 26-07-2010 6:38

Extra Charge to Just Push Your Luggage Around

Luton Airport Luggage Trolley Charges
Luton Airport Luggage Trolley Charges

Luton airport has come in for some critisism lately for charging travellers £2 for the use of baggage trolleys. As stated in a few articles travellers are maybe use to airlines adding on extra charges, especially the low cost airlines, but getting stung by an airport now seems to be the last straw.

£2 doesn’t seem to be that much but I guess it might be the principle of the matter which will possibly see more familys pulling their luggage behind them instead of using a trolley.

Bristol airport has also upped its trolley charges from £1 to £2 and now Cardiff airport are talking about doing the same.

Actually it maybe unfare to blame Luton airport directly because all charge increases have come direct from the airports trolley operator Bagport. It has also been stated that Luton airport will not benefit from this increase, but my guess is that passengers will see it as an extra charge from the airports themselves.

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