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Manchester Airport – EasyJet Bomb Hoax

Posted on : 26-11-2015 2:14

Manchester Airport Bomb Hoax – Two Men Arrested & Released.

EasyJet Bomb HoaxOn the 19th November passengers on board an EasyJet flight had to be evacuated after two men (and I say that loosely), aged 45 and 46, allegedly made a bomb hoax.

Police and emergency services were alerted, which not only cost money and caused the serious distribution to flights and the airport, it also sent serious panic among passengers and staff.

The Incident

An EasyJet spokesman confirmed the aircraft was evacuated at 3.30pm on Thursday after a passenger had claimed they had a bomb in their bag. The flight EZY1893, which was waiting to take passengers to Marrakech, was immediately evacuated.

The two men were arrested on suspicion of making a bomb hoax.

Passenger Inconvenience

The passengers had to have all their luggage re-scanned as a result of the bomb hoax, which was the right thing to do but caused an even further delay, all because two childish men thought it was funny to pretend they had a bomb.

A spokesman added: “Following the incident, which turned out to be a hoax, on-board an EasyJet aircraft this afternoon, whereby as a precautionary measure, passengers were taken off board, whilst police investigated.”

UKACP Opinion

The UK is on high alert since the bombing of the Russian plane and the tragic events in Paris and Mali, and these two excuses for men thought it would be funny to joke about a bomb.

What should happen to these two men and anyone else who make jokes about a bomb at an airport or on board an aircraft, is they should receive an automatic prison sentence of five years.

They should also be forced to pay costs as a result for delays and the cost of all the emergency services that had to be involved.

Both Men Released

Unfortunately, the two men have been released, one man, 45, was released without charge while the 46-year-old man has been bailed pending further investigation.

If the 45-year-old was innocent then ok, release him and tell him to choose his friends more carefully. But if it’s found that the 46-year-old did claim to have a bomb, then come on, let’s put him in prison and throw away the key and see how funny he finds it.
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