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Manchester Airport Noise Complaints Drop

Posted on : 30-11-2015 5:15

Manchester Airport Noise Complaints Have Reduced Since 2013

Manchester Airport Noise PollutionManchester Airport has said it’s doing all it can to reduce the noise pollution caused by incoming and outgoing planes.

However, according to one resident who has complained 860 times in just one year, they are not doing enough.

One Mans Crusade To Lower Noise Pollution

In over two years, a man who lives under the flight path has complained 1,509 times, meaning he has complained twice each day about the noise caused by planes using the airport.

Although some people may feel this is a bit extreme, the man in question feels he’s justified in complaining.

Manchester Airport

A spokesman for Manchester Airport who said they take every single complaint they receive seriously has said they are doing everything they can to reduce the noise population.

Noise Pollution Dropping At Manchester Airport

Figures recently revealed the number of complaints they have received over the past two years has fallen. In 2014/2015 they received 4.74 complaints for every thousand aircrafts that took off or landed at the airport. In 2013/14 they received 9.04 complaints.

Airport Commitment

Manchester Airport has said they are committed to reducing noise population and have tried many different methods to win their battle.

One method is to increase the number of planes that glide into the airport from 20 miles away. In 2014/15 a record number of 89 per cent of aircrafts landed at the airport using the gliding method, which also helps to reduce airlines such as Thomson fuel bill.

An airport spokesman said: “We are proud of our environmental record with regards to noise, energy efficiency and carbon reduction and remain committed to being one of the leading airports in Europe on environmental management.

“We work hard to ensure that we operate in a manner designed to cause the least disturbance possible whilst meeting the public demand to fly.

Locals Still Want More Action

Although the airport has said they are doing everything they can to reduce noise pollution, neighbours living under the flight path and near the airport want more action taken. They are concerned at the increased number of flights and plans to attract new airlines to the airport.
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